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oil an Canvas
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oil an Canvas
48" X 48"
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18 " X 24"
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  • Bio / Artists statement

    i am a 78 year old artist from Maine. I did Pollock inspired throw and drip paintings for about 8 years, and then went off in my own direction.. I also do some art photography. I don't have any deep,intense philosophical thoughts,at the moment. i usually get an idea ,sketch it out on paper, colors, and forms.then apply a background color. At present,I am mixing half clear glue and half acrylic paint,and applying it to the canvas, and using a vinyl glove to massage the medium. . some times I use a home made ,thin plastic palette type tool. The glue give the acrylic paint the color of an oil paint, to some extent.. I have exhibited at Orlando area galleries, and am currently exhibiting at an art gallery in Maine.

    Throw the paint., drip the paint. Squeeze the paint in plastic tubes., Massage the paint with gloved hand. Tease and skim the paint with plastic tools. It will still do differently than you want-giving you a painting with more mystery..

  • Location
    Sanford FL 32772