Lighthouse Beach

Acrylic, Fabric & Cardboard
30" x 24"
Price: $1080.00

Poppies & Butterflies

14" x 18"
Price: $252.00

Angolan Beauty

15" x 30"
Price: $450.00
  • Bio / Artists statement

    Joan Fonseca is an American contemporary artist. She excels in the use of vibrant colors to bring forth her fresh ideas as can be seen in her colorful mixed media florals and whimsical paintings. Her ability to envision shapes and colors in distinctive combinations result in unique and visually pleasing patterns and images. Enhancing these designs skills is her bold brushwork, a talent that aids in the creation of beautiful depth and rich textured backgrounds.

    Examples of her motivations can be found within multiple groupings as can be found in her floral series, which often includes butterflies as a subtle part of the background. When bringing her planned works into existence, this is meant to symbolize the act of ascension; recurring theme of rising above all.

    Similarly, her portraits of women in their various incarnations showcase, some or all, of their forms depicted through beauty, individualism, diversity and strength. One example includes her Dollhouse series which emphasizes several of these characteristics in multiple circumstances using a Barbie-like effect: fun and flirty.

    Joan’s total joy in the act of painting is an ingredient she hopes everyone can sample and enjoy when selecting one of her creations for your home or office.

  • Location
    Orlando FL 32817