Edisons Tree

Acrylic on Luan (Wood)
54" x 54"
Price: $2000.00


Watercolor on Paper
72" x 52"
Price: $1500.00


Acrylic on Canvas
Price: $2000.00
  • Bio / Artists statement

    The discourse between light, color, or texture as well as all of the other elements of art provide me with a visual language to interact and interpret my world. Through my art, I express, conceptualize and seek to understand the events which shape my world. Some work may be very personal and private communications while others are universal to all humankind.

    Professionally trained as a printmaker with a decade of experience in serigraphy, intaglio and lithographic processes but have recently worked primarily in watercolor and acrylic painting media. The immediacy of these water-based mediums provides both a challenge and an opportunity to be far more spontaneous than allowed in printmaking. I am enthralled with exploring and learning new processes and the myriad of opportunities each technique allows for expression.

    Truly enjoy working and creating NEW commissions for people and corporations which reflect their ideas and speak to their aesthetics. Payment plans and contracts available. Please reach out and contact me today for more information!

    Questions or comments? Please feel free to contact me.

  • Location
    Miramar FL 33029