oils on aluminum
20 x 30
Price: $contact ar

New Smyrna

20" x 16"
Price: $On Request


acrylics and oils on canvas
30 x 30
Price: $contact ar

headstone 4 samo

acrylics and oils on wood
37 x 43
Price: $contact ar

deconstructed man

oils and stains on wood
24 x 20.5
Price: $400

burning desire

acrylics and oils on canvas
24 x 30
Price: $contact ar
  • Bio / Artists statement

    I have been exposed to art and creativity my entire life. From helping my Grandfather paint homes in Winter Park during my childhood summers, to manning my Dad's booth at the Winter Park Sidewalk Arts Festival, I've always enjoyed working with my hands and being surrounded by creativity. My earliest influences were some of my art teachers, mainly Milicent Clarke from Winter Park High School and Glenn Bischoff from Edgewater High, a young teacher at FTU by the name of Steve Lotz and my uncle Marcus Moon, a highly successful painter and member of A.W.S. These people constantly challenged me to look at things from different perspectives and to embrace trial and error.

    After school I took a detour in life that led me to being a successful district manager for the Kinney Shoe Corporation, meeting my wife of 38 yrs Cynthia, raising 2 children, Meghan and Matthew and eventually becoming a painting and decorating contractor on the west coast of Florida. It was during this time that the voices in my head started to speak louder and i started dabbling around in drawing and painting again.

    it wasn't until a couple of years ago that I felt confident enough to try to give it a go as a full time artist. The first venue that I showed at publicly was in Texas Antique Weeks at Roundtop. This is a 12 day event that features the largest collection of antiques, collectables, junk and other things, for designers ,decorators and the public. I was fortunate enough to sell out of all my stylized nudes the first day..which lead me to create a few more while there. I guess this would be called validation of my work, so the next step would be to continue down this path.

    Since that time I've been in numerous local Arts Festivals including Mount Dora and St. Johns, as well as several local events at Apartment E and Defined Enterprises. I also had a one man show at The Current Galleries in Sanford which ran for a month. Currently I have studio and gallery space at FAVO in downtown Orlando.

    My current work incorporates numerous themes and disciplines. From Abstract to Expressionism, from Non Objective to Color Field, from Folk Art to Realism; I enjoy them all. Working on multiple pieces at a time, I prefer to stand over them so that I am able to change my vantage point immediately. I will employ the use of paint in all its forms, as well as anything that i can use in the application. I am extremely fond of distressing, either by hand, mechanical, or chemical. No rules. Ever. I love to explore the connections between color, value , and technique with the emotional response of the viewer. Invariably, I find myself painting or constructing art that has an environmental or social comment buried beneath its surface.

    My latest discipline that I'm exploring is sculpture. Thanks to a class I took with artist John Whipple, I have been on an upcycling frenzy and have been creating an unusual group of pieces. I'm also venturing into coldwax and oil, as well as Plein Aire...( thankyou Thomas Bradshaw ! )

    My work can be seen in person every First Friday at FAVO , downtown Orlando

  • Location
    longwood FL 32779