Cold Wax and Oil
24 x 24
Price: $1250.00

Wild Blue Yonder

Cold Wax and Oil
36 x 48
Price: $2,500.00


Acrylic and Marker
36 x 48
Price: $1,200.00
  • Bio / Artists statement

    Donald F. McCloskey Art Inquiries: Personal Email: Instagram: ( ) Virtual Gallery: In progress Facebook: (@DonaldMcCloskeyart). ----------------------------------------- I am an artist who was born and raised in New York City who works in many different mediums. I love cold wax and oil, manipulated paper and acrylics. I attended Valencia College for an Arts degree and many years at Crealde Art as well as McRae art studios.

    Currently, I live in a historic area of Orlando across the street from a beautiful lake. It helps inspire me every day to create in my garage workshop. My artistic content focuses on nature and abstract themes. I enjoy working with paper, oil, acrylic, pastel, and mixed media. The process of taking a magazine and manipulating it, tearing and creating a beautiful flower arrangement or a landscape or maybe mixing oil with wax and letting the palate knife take charge excites me. I dabble in many different medium and enjoy learning something new whenever possible. It takes me away from the stress of the times and puts me into another world of peace and tranquility. I feel the brush scraping the canvas and it relaxes me, except when I’m in a painting frenzy! I had a 6 month solo show at Leu Gardens called “Extract in Nature” which focused on flora and fauna. I find excitement in creating art and I hope you enjoy my work. www.instagram.donald_mccloskey/ Let me know what you think and enjoy! Donald McCloskey

  • Location
    Orlando FL 32801