Coastal Calm

Fine Art Print on Paper and Canvas
Price: $Starting at $29 for a print

An Invitation

Fine Art Print on Canvas and Paper

Price: $Starting at $29


Canvas and Paper prints
Various Sizes
Price: $Starting at $29.

Broken Beauty

Print on Canvas and paper

Price: $Starting at $29

From Above

Oil on Canvas
Price: $$720

Costa Rican Hills

Acrylic on Canvas
Price: $$1480


Oil on Canvas
Price: $$640


Oil on Canvas
Price: $$325

December Rise

Print on Paper or Canvas
30" x 30"
Price: $Starting at $25 for a print.
  • Bio / Artists statement

    There is an internal truth, which can only be expressed through the arts. With the use of line, rhythm and color, I am expressing the person I strive to become. In bridging a spiritual reality with that of the physical world, my paintings are expressions of an inner journey. Nature, since time immemorial, has been a place of refuge, a place to quiet one’s mind. My deeply personal statements are made to stimulate, inspire and heal through the sense of peace and connectedness I evoke from nature. Inner strength and beauty are byproducts of a peaceful heart. My wish is that my art will help heal this beautiful world, one person at a time.

  • Location
    Pensacola FL 32591