The Awakening

Oil on Canvas
24" x 36"
Price: $2,400.00

The Arrival

Watercolor on 140lb cp paper
24" x 36"
Price: $875.00

The Upstairs

Watercolor on 140lb cp paper
16" x 20"
Price: $450.00
  • Bio / Artists statement

    For me Art is life, and life is art, a perennial and symbiotic process in the field of experience. There is always the potential for growth and evolution in this field, yet in the same breath, there is the accompanying possibility of devolution. My task is to become more alive to this process and to document this by way of my creative efforts on the canvas of this life. I am a creator not limited by words, medium or time, so I use everything at my disposal to learn from and ultimately to infuse my personal journey, interpretations, and perceptions on those expressions and to carefully craft this narrative with insight, fidelity and spiritual integrity…. This is my art.

  • Location
    Polk city FL 33868