All Alone

12" x 9"
Price: $Sold

Palmetto Path

8" x 13"
Price: $Sold

Sugar Sands

24" x 16"
Price: $$1,050.00
  • Bio / Artists statement

    Those moments when you see a beautiful splash of light on an object or the violet haze of a foggy morning or the orange glow of a humid, summer sunset, these are my inspirations.

    I am fortunate to live in Florida, where the atmospheric conditions create beautiful light. We have so much natural beauty around our rivers and seashores. Through my paintings I hope to share some of that unique Florida beauty.

    I work primarily in oils and pastels. My paintings are representational and I work either in the studio or in plein aire. For the most part, I work alla prima, except when creating larger paintings. My desire is to capture what I initially had a strong visual response to and clearly convey in paint what I envisioned.

    I greatly admire and am influenced by masters such as Sargent, Zorn, Sorolla, Cezanne and contemporary master Richard Schmid.

  • Location
    New Smyrna Beach FL 32169