Acrylic on Canvas; Gold Leaf
Price: $$450


Acrylic on Canvas; Gold Leaf
Price: $$308


Acrylic on Canvas
Price: $$600
  • Bio / Artists statement

    Elizabeth Levine is an abstract painter living in Orlando, Florida with her husband, young son, and Goldendoodle. A stay-at-home mom and former marketing professional, she initially started painting as a way to unwind and express herself creatively. Elizabeth’s work is inspired by the natural world and features layers of acrylic paint applied with both palette knife and paintbrush. The result is textured and energetic, often with a bit of sparkle from metallic leaf. Elizabeth Levine Art was established with the encouragement of friends and family who began requesting Elizabeth’s paintings for their homes. Her artwork is available via Etsy and direct commission.

    I approach each painting with optimism, eager to experiment and see where the colors and tools take me. My work begins with a selection of hues and a loose idea of composition, but never a full plan of how the finished piece will turn out. I love the element of surprise and the sense of accomplishment and peace once a painting feels complete. Inspiration for my artwork is drawn from nature (especially coastlines and florals) and memories from my travels and experiences in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

  • Location
    Orlando FL 32804