By Sea

oil on gallery wrapped canvas
Price: $900

Indian Riverside Park: Always Was, Always Will Be

oil on gallery wrapped canvas
32" x 48"
Price: $2700.00

Long Bird of Paradise

mixed media on paper
27" x 10"
Price: $595
  • Bio / Artists statement

    Kimberly D Beltrame grew up in the northeast of the United States. After completing her Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Italian Studies and Art at Rosemont College, Pa., she moved to Rome and then Milan, Italy. She furthered her studies in Oils and Intaglio under master Italian artists and worked as an assistant in art galleries. Kimberly moved to Florida 28 years ago and began doing murals and trompe l’oeil for clients in central Florida. Another medium Kimberly frequently works in is watercolor and her commissioned watercolors are used as closing gifts for realtors’ clients. She is the recipient of local, national and international awards and continues to challenge herself while experimenting with new mediums and techniques. She has always wanted to create; from sandcastles to culinary dishes and artistic renderings in every medium she could get her hands on. Living in the New Jersey had allowed her access to some of the world’s greatest art collections as she frequently made trips to museums in New York City. Italy is an artist’s dream and viewing masterpieces that span centuries while traveling the country to do plein air painting helped solidify her passion for texture and color. Moving to Florida was the climax of color! From the greyish northeast to the subtle colors and textures of Italy to the vibrance of Florida has been an incredible journey. Color and texture continue to intrigue her. The contrast of the brilliant colors and the juxtaposition of shadows create movement and energy that she tries to capture in her work. Nature restores her soul and fills her with peace and happiness and a sense of gratitude. She strives to evoke the same emotions in her viewers as she creates on canvas and paper, these glorious vistas. Kimberly D Beltrame has recently moved to Jensen Beach, Florida. She has participated in various art fairs, shown at a local art gallery, RCK Gallery in Stuart and is connecting with local artists. She will continue to pursue her artistic career in her new home.

    I have always wanted to create; from sandcastles to culinary dishes to artistic renderings in every medium I could get my hands on. My work is representational though interpretive. I doesn’t paint to shock, or force you to think about the human condition but I hope my work can uplift you and even comfort you. I celebrate beauty and try to capture the surrounding energy and color. As a formally trained artist, I paint landscapes and still lifes in oil on canvas and watercolor. Recently, I have begun to combine these same techniques and mediums while working on heavy weight printing paper which has rendered interesting results. I see texture and color in everything and I continue to try to capture the essence of the images more that replicate the images themselves. There is usually something in particular that I am focused on that has captured my attention. I am striving to transfer that immediate ‘colpo di fulmine’, that ‘love at first site’ onto my canvas or paper. I would like to make all else that surrounds it, pale by comparison. I am still working on that aspect and it is challenging but the path of growth and change is exciting and is what keeps me going!

  • Location
    Jensen Beach FL 34957