Mixed Media Acrylic

Price: $1,000


40 x 30
Price: $1,500
  • Bio / Artists statement

    Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she grew up to love the richness of nature doing her paintings and drawings. Her experiences date from early childhood working with her parents in their woodworking business. Zoe's father, a skilled "Ebanista", encourage her to learn the trade and later in life pursued an education in Art. Managing both family business and school she always found time to create her paintings. She enrolled at the University of San German, PR where she earned her bachelor's degree in Fine Arts with a major in Printing and Graphic Arts. Aside from woodworking, she has worked with ceramics, sculpture (wood and metal), photography, printmaking techniques, jewelry making and design, but painting and drawing remains Zoe's first love. Her paintings are rich in color and texture. Zoe broadens her artistic and business experience moving to the mainland and exploring opportunities in the printing and retail industry. She first worked as a Paste-up artist, Platemaker and Visual Merchandiser. Zoe has grown to be a true artist that never stops learning and creating. Some of her paintings can be found in private collections in Florida and the Caribbean. Her vast experience in multiple mediums gives Zoe the opportunity to encourage young artists to pursue their dreams as her parents had taught her. "Be an independent thinker, always speak up, stand up for yourself and never ever give up"! She currently lives in Florida with her kitty cats. Enjoy!

  • Location
    Windermere FL 34786